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Friday, 26 Apr 2019
Port Tariff
London Thamesport Tariff - Effective 1 January 2019
Notices to Customers / Suppliers
General Trading Terms and Conditions
Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited has introduced revised General Trading Terms and Conditions ('GTTC'), applicable from 1st July 2016. There is now one set of common conditions for all activities of the operating companies within the Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited Group. This 'July 2016' edition of the GTTC replaces any existing editions.
Terms and Conditions of Purchase October 2018
Hazardous Declarations and Prior Approval Requests
Changes to hazardous declarations and prior approval requests
Firearms Act 1968 (As Amended): Authority under Section 5 - Shipment of prohibited weapons and ammunition
Thamesport's authority (Section 5) to handle shipments of prohibited weapons and ammunition
Corporate Governance
Tax Strategy
The publication of this tax strategy for CKHH is considered as complying with the requirements of Paragraphs 19 of Schedule 19 to Finance Act 2016 for the Group's UK subsidiaries, which include Hutchison Westports Limited and its subsidiaries, for the financial year 31 December 2017.
GPPP Trust GDPR Privacy Notice August 2018
MTS GDPR Privacy Notice December 2018
Hutchison Ports Europe Limited Modern Slavery Statement 2018

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