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Sunday, 15 Dec 2019
01/11/18 London Thamesport’s Short Sea Role Strengthened by Containerships
29/05/18 Another new Container Service for London Thamesport
18/04/18 London Thamesport Boosts Short Sea Capacity
16/08/17 London Thamesport Receives First Train Move for Armitt Group
01/12/16 New Steel Handling Facility for London Thamesport
16/11/15 Containerships confirms London Thamesport Short Sea Role
28/05/14 London Thamesport Gains West African Ro-Ro Service
17/01/14 London Thamesport Welcomes A2B Moerdijk Service
12/11/13 MacAndrews switches to London Thamesport

14/12/10 London Thamesport Welcomes New UASC Service
11/10/10 Hutchison’s PARIS system wins CILT Excellence Award
16/09/10 Hutchison Celebrates Carbon Trust Standard Certification
14/09/10 London Thamesport Celebrates 20th Birthday
16/08/10 London Thamesport Celebrates Rail Record
20/05/10 London Thamesport Handles High-Energy Specialist Cargo
10/05/10 London Thamesport Welcomes New Crane
17/03/10 West African Boost for London Thamesport
16/12/09 HPUK Goes a Deeper Shade of Green
04/11/09 London Thamesport Teams Up with Short-Sea Line
14/09/09 PARIS Software is a Capital Idea for Hamburg
11/08/09 Operational Boost for London Thamesport
03/03/09 London Thamesport Welcomes New SAECS Service
11/12/08 London Thamesport Introduces E-mail Alerts System
19/06/08 Thamesport Celebrates Links to the UK's Capital
08/05/08 Grand Alliance Moves Three Transatlantic Services to Thamesport
15/04/08 Thamesport Welcomes Arrival of Cranes
08/04/08 Thamesport Welcomes Maiden Call of ‘Margrethe Maersk’
02/04/08 Thamesport Welcomes New UASC Vessel
21/02/08 New Rail Service Launched at Thamesport
19/11/07 Thamesport Welcomes New Asia-Europe Express Service
09/11/07 New World Alliance Moves Another String to Thamesport
05/11/07 Thamesport Celebrates Record-breaking Rail Volumes
29/08/07 Thamesport Welcomes Traffic Boost
11/06/07 Faster Turnarounds at Thamesport
24/05/07 Thamesport Helps Out Local Schools
28/03/07 New Service for Thamesport
22/02/06 Resin Trade Flourishes at Thamesport
03/02/06 Largest Hatsu Marine Vessel to Call at Thamesport
02/11/05 Thamesport Welcomes First of Evergreen’s ‘Green’ Vessels
25/10/05 Thamesport Invests in Latest New Equipment
13/07/05 New Feeder Service for Thamesport
28/04/05 Thamesport Continues Equipment Investment Programme
21/04/05 Safety is Paramount at Thamesport
17/01/05 New Resin Contract Signed at Thamesport
09/12/04 Thamesport Upgrades Quayside Cranes
22/11/04 Thamesport Welcomes Fourth Train Operator
04/10/04 More New Vehicles for Thamesport
26/04/04 Thamesport Introduces Innovative Vehicle Pager System
01/04/04 Thamesport Boosts Operations with New Vehicles
29/10/03 Thamesport Boosts Storage Capacity
29/07/03 Thamesport Welcomes 'Canmar Venture'
24/04/03 Thamesport Welcomes New South American Service
11/04/03 Thamesport Welcomes New Mediterranean Service
05/08/02 Thamesport Develops Purpose-Built Facility For Winpac
09/01/00 Deeper Channel for Thamesport
New Steel Handling Facility for London Thamesport
London Thamesport has signed an agreement with UK shipping agent and logistics company The Armitt Group for a purpose-built, 120,000 square feet specialist steel handling facility at the Kent port.
London Thamesport Gains West African Ro-Ro Service
The Netherlands-based RMR Shipping has chosen London Thamesport to handle the UK call of its North West Europe - West Africa Ro-Ro service.
London Thamesport’s Short Sea Role Strengthened by Containerships
Hutchison Ports London Thamesport’s growing reputation as a short-sea container hub has been further enhanced by Helsinki-based Containerships plc’s introduction of a second weekly service from Gdynia, Poland.
London Thamesport Welcomes A2B Moerdijk Service
London Thamesport has welcomed the announcement of a new short sea container shipping service by A2B-online, the Dutch-based transport company specialising in full load, part load and pallet consignments to and from the United Kingdom, Benelux and Germany
MacAndrews switches to London Thamesport
Having moved three of its short sea services from London Container Terminal (Tilbury) to London Thamesport in the Spring of 2013, MacAndrews & Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of CMA CGM, has confirmed the switch to London Thamesport of its las
London Thamesport Boosts Short Sea Capacity
Dutch-based transport company A2B-online Container B.V. has added a fourth weekly sailing on its service between Hutchison Ports London Thamesport and Moerdijk in The Netherlands. The new sailing is inaugurated today (18 April 2018) by the first call of
Another new Container Service for London Thamesport
A new short-sea container service has been launched today (29 May 2018) from Hutchison Ports London Thamesport providing even more choice for shippers in the South of England.