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Saturday, 15 Aug 2020
Bathside Bay Public Inquiry Commences
20th April 2004

The Public Inquiry commenced on Tuesday 20th April 2004 into the proposed development of a new deep-water container port at Bathside Bay, in Harwich.

The £300 million Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited (HPUK) development is expected to create up to 772 new jobs directly, with some 900 more in supporting industries and services, and would generate £50 million per annum for the local economy, in a priority area for regeneration.

Commenting on the proposals, HPUK Corporate Affairs Manager, Paul Davey, said:

“This is the start of a very important process for the town of Harwich. The Public Inquiry will give everyone interested in the development the opportunity to register their views. The development of a new container facility at Bathside Bay will bring many benefits, not just to Harwich, but to the region as a whole.”

The Public Inquiry, which is to be held at the Trade Car Services Building, off Stour Road in Harwich, will last until 17th September.

The development of 1,400 metres of deep-water quay at Bathside Bay could make Harwich International Port the second largest container port in the UK.

Richard Pearson, Managing Director of HPUK, added:

“Ships are getting larger as a response to consumer demand for more and more goods, and it is vital that the UK has sufficient deep-water container facilities to accommodate these very large vessels. Bathside Bay has a number of advantages as the site for these essential new facilities, and its development will help provide container capacity for the future.”

The development has received a great deal of local support, from notable groups such as SPEAKOUT (Support Port Expansion And Kill Off Unemployment Threat) and the Harwich Conservation Panel.

In an independent survey conducted following the announcement of HPUK’s plans, 84% of the 500 people interviewed expressed their support for the proposals.


Note to Editors:

For further information, or a PHOTOGRAPH, please contact, Paul Davey, Corporate Affairs Manager, on Tel No: +44 (0)1394 604987 or Fax No: +44 (0)1394 604943, or E-mail daveyps@hpuk.co.uk

Harwich International Port (HWH) is one of the UK’s leading multi-purpose freight and passenger ports with excellent road and rail links to the Midlands, London and the South East. It is ideally located for North Sea freight and passenger traffic to and from Scandinavia and the Benelux countries, offering first class ro-ro, ferry, container and bulk operations.

HWH is a member of the Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Group, the world’s leading port investor, developer and operator with interests in 15 countries throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Today, HPH operates a total of 32 ports together with a number of transportation related service companies.