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Saturday, 15 Aug 2020
Geological Survey Starts at Bathside Bay
29th March 2001

Preparatory work for the development of the major new container terminal to be constructed at Bathside Bay is progressing with the commencement of geological investigations. Jack-up barges will be used to drill a number of boreholes in the bay and in the adjacent channel and approaches in Harwich Harbour.

The information from the boreholes will be used to establish the quantity of suitable sand and gravel that can be used for land reclamation and other beneficial projects associated with the terminal construction. The boreholes will also provide essential data on the geological structure of the materials below seabed level. The information will be used to develop detailed engineering designs.

A number of boreholes will also be sunk with a drilling rig on the land towards the rear of the bay. The work will last until the middle of May.

Commenting on the project Andrew Harston, General Manager of Harwich International Port said:

“We are pleased to have commenced these extensive site investigations at a cost of £0.5m, which will provide the foundation for the detailed port design works. There is a clear need for new container terminal capacity in the UK and we are convinced that Bathside Bay represents the best way of meeting this need. The main navigation channel is already substantially in place serving the Port of Felixstowe and the 1988 Act permits the construction of a port on the site. Essentially, we believe that Harwich will benefit from this development and that we enjoy the support of the majority of people living locally.”

The new terminal will provide a much needed boost in an area that needs economic regeneration. When complete the Bathside Bay terminal will boast 1,400 metres of quay and provide 500 new jobs at the port plus many more in associated industries.


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